We are the Media Mafia. The kewl kidz on campus who are totally into videography/photography/art/visual media and rewl the skewl. Sorry I’ll stop now… but for real, this group is so fun. We shot the “Aspire – For Women in Business” conference last weekend in NYC at The Carlton Hotel, which was unnecessarily ritzy but I ain’t complaining. Check out everyone’s website! Janette Lu, Ryan Ozminkowski, Arsh Dilbagi, Nicolas Chae, and Charlotte Adamo. Also, watch… View Post

Lyra and I took a break from school and drove to the local apple/pumpkin/corn/other-seasonal-foodstuffs orchard, called Terhune’s! It was sooooo fun — we got a ton of good shots (and we also ate amazing cider donuts and drank cider slushees, so that’s enough to make Sonya happy…) We are going to return in the wintertime to shoot in the snow and we can’t wait. We are also modeling jewelry from Freed Outfitters, so go check… View Post

It was a pleasure photographing this beautiful pastel-rich garden party hosted by Princeton for the Class of 2021! My friends in the sophomore class organized the whole class and they did such. a. good. job. (Although tbh my standards are low; if the event has donuts I consider it a win…) No but for real the whole thing was flawless and such an aesthetically-pleasing experience :)))    

We shot these on Moscow Mountain! I don’t think we were prepared for exactly how beautiful it was. I’ve lived in Idaho for 18 years, this spot is only thirty minutes from my house, and I’ve never been here?! It was similar to those dreams you get where you find a secret door in your home leading to a whole other room you just happened to have missed your whole life… But the two-decade wait… View Post

One of the best parts about photography is going on weird shoots with your friends… things that people driving by would be slightly concerned about. I met up with my friends from high school and we drove out to the highway, put our hazards on, and found a random field to shoot in. Tic bites last a short while, but memories are forever, that’s my motto 😉 (Also the first three photos were shot by… View Post