Ahhhhh, one of my favorite times of year. Summer on the brink of fall. This season means new school year, new friends, new enemies… kidding. Oh but it does mean the dusky smell of smoke clings to everything. YUM. I’m heading into my senior year! So I tromped around here taking my own senior pictures with a remote.

The final two camps we stayed at were so different – Tongabezi had this jungle/treehouse vibe to it and Okuti was much more rustic, although both were crazy beautiful. I just happened to be sick and bed-ridden the last few days, but I was stuck in this room with the most gorgeous bed so I couldn’t complain. What I can complain about is the fact that I was sick the whole plane ride home, which… View Post

For two weeks we went on game drives to see these amazing animals. We saw several kills (still have not recovered from seeing lions rip apart warthogs but ok) and other crazy sights left and right. Like crocs mating 15 feet from your canoe. Good, wholesome stuff. Photography-wise, it took soooo many shots to get even one that looked good. (Not of the crocs, just in general… I respect crocs’ privacy ok)

Mwambashi Camp in Zambia was such a cool experience. We stayed for a whole week and went on boat rides, safari drives, canoeing and fishing trips. We saw all the classic African animals, and an elephant even charged towards me at one point — my heart rate is still abnormally high from the event. The whole camp was open air, which meant you could hear a hippo munching on land three feet away from your… View Post