Ah, the beautiful sight of hoar frost, pine needles, and hypothermia. This is what my backyard looks like in the winter. Now can you see why it’s my favorite season?? We live outside town by 15 minutes, but the elevation change is enough to make snow stick and pile at our house and make it look like a winter wonderland. The poor townies have slushy gray mess most of the winter…

Haha I lugged around a pumpkin with me for this shoot, and that’s when you know photography is a very serious thing… Also fun fact I was yelled at my a cranky old man for taking pictures outside his house (on the public sidewalk, ahem) because I didn’t ask him permission?! Like I’m sorry but my taxes paid for this shoot.

I took this right after I sat through the wretched SAT, so this shoot will always bring back good memories. The fall is SO gorgeous this year — and it has seemed to last for weeks already! Which means we don’t have that awkward post-fall pre-winter vibe going on where nature doesn’t know what to do. Just beautiful colors and the first snowflakes will fall soon!

Ah Claire’s glorious hair made everyone stare — not just the creepy carnie workers — and it’s always a joy to photograph. May this be a lesson to all young ladies out there to properly condition your locks and don’t be afraid to let your mane go free and wild. Also, the carnival bokeh in the background makes me SO happy!