Tikal National Park

Guys, go look up Tikal on google and just gaze upon those awe-inspiring ancient ruins. (Maybe also look up ‘How To Move to Guatemala’ in the meantime and freak your mom out when she sees your search history.) But since…

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Christmas in Guatemala

Spending the winter in Guatemala was such a body shock. (Sidebar: ‘Body Shock’ is a cool band name, I’m coining that.) But yeah I’m used to a solid three feet of snow in Idaho, so I was just in a…

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Twirling in the Snow

Ah, the beautiful sight of hoar frost, pine needles, and hypothermia. This is what my backyard looks like in the winter. Now can you see why it’s my favorite season?? We live outside town by 15 minutes, but the elevation…

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Big Sweater and Ripped Jeans

Haha I lugged around a pumpkin with me for this shoot, and that’s when you know photography is a very serious thing… Also fun fact I was yelled at my a cranky old man for taking pictures outside his house…

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Falling Leaves

I took this right after I sat through the wretched SAT, so this shoot will always bring back good memories. The fall is SO gorgeous this year — and it has seemed to last for weeks already! Which means we…

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Claire at the Carnival

Ah Claire’s glorious hair made everyone stare — not just the creepy carnie workers — and it’s always a joy to photograph. May this be a lesson to all young ladies out there to properly condition your locks and don’t…

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Cutting Garden In Summer Rains

The shoot started out perfect – slightly overcast, vibrant flowers, and my makeup and hair all done did. Then it started pouring, of course, but I just went with the flow (get it). I kept snapping away and ignored my…

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Arboretum During the Harvest

Ahhhhh, one of my favorite times of year. Summer on the brink of fall. This season means new school year, new friends, new enemies… kidding. Oh but it does mean the dusky smell of smoke clings to everything. YUM. I’m…

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