I shoot for a lot of groups on Princeton’s campus, but this was by far one of my favorite jobs! I have danced for my whole life and watching these EPIC ballerinas was such a treat. I almost squealed with delight at some points in the show (especially when this first photo happened because her split is literally perfect) which would have been awkwardly disruptive, to say the least… Thankfully I kept it together until… View Post

Lyra is another photographer on campus! Follow her here! She’s so good (and of course a beautiful model as well, ugh.) So glad we could find time to shoot with each other, during our suuuuuper busy schedules. The college hustle is real, guys. These were taken on the golf course right outside my dorm!

GUYS. I found my favorite city. Bern is so unique and charming and literally straight out of Nightmare Before Christmas. (I know in the title I said ‘fairytale city’ but it’s kind of haunted looking… sorry for lying but I gotta pull in the readers you know?) It’s crazy, the houses are SO crooked and look like they might plop over at any second.