Blue Dress In The Wheatfields

Every year, I take photos in this blue dress. There are pictures of me as a baby lying on top of this! And then as a toddler, sobbing uncontrollably. Then as an adult, coincidentally also sobbing uncontrollably. But I just…

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S & S on a Lazy Morning

This morning I shot with Sofia and Summer in Summer’s beautiful Urban apartment. What could be better than waffles, wall lights, and lots of laughs?? Sofia is wearing Aerie. Follow Summer on her Insta; she edited these photos after I…

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Apricots and Bouquets

Sorry to my family for ripping out this bouquet from its rightful place on the kitchen counter and taking photos with it instead. It was just too gorgeous. Also, we have apricot trees and they finally produced this year!

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Zapata Wedding

What a beautiful weekend. I was duly nervous shooting my first wedding, but everything turned out supremely well and it was such a great experience. The wedding itself went off without a hitch and the bride was stunning, so I’d…

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Wheatfields and Claire

Back at it with these photoshoots featuring Claire. She’s just so… featurable!! This was the first shoot with my 50 mm 1.2 lens and I am preparing for my first wedding. I’ll be traveling to upstate New York to shoot…

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Cape Cod Sunset

Mmmmm sunset bike rides, ice cream shops (*shoppes* if we’re being pretentious), and a beautiful beach. Perfect. Fun fact: I found a glass bottle in the water with a note inside: it was actually from a girl to her long…

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Port Townsend

We got into town for a wedding, and I had been looking forward to it for a year! June wedding, by the shore, with family and friends? Ugh yes. Also I really like how my hair looks in this top…

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The Beautiful City of Victoria

Ah, I can’t get enough of this place! We visited back in 2008 and it’s been one of my favorite places ever since. We visited Butchart Gardens and had high tea, too. I am not lying when I say I…

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