Chachagua Camp

Lotta swimming, lotta hiking, lotta sweating. Now that’s a good life. I stopped caring about my hair after day three and just let it go natural at that point, claiming that I was now a fairy sprite and no one could stop me. Either that… View Post

Sarapiquis Rain Forest

Guys the COLORS oh my word. You know you’re blessed when you barely need to edit the photo saturation haha. We visited a pineapple farm and melted our tongues off from the acid. We also stopped at a hummingbird farm after drinking a lot of… View Post

Tikal National Park

Guys, go look up Tikal on google and just gaze upon those awe-inspiring ancient ruins. (Maybe also look up ‘How To Move to Guatemala’ in the meantime and freak your mom out when she sees your search history.) But since we were basically trekking through… View Post

Christmas in Guatemala

Spending the winter in Guatemala was such a body shock. (Sidebar: ‘Body Shock’ is a cool band name, I’m coining that.) But yeah I’m used to a solid three feet of snow in Idaho, so I was just in a constant confused phase this whole… View Post

Twirling in the Snow

Ah, the beautiful sight of hoar frost, pine needles, and hypothermia. This is what my backyard looks like in the winter. Now can you see why it’s my favorite season?? We live outside town by 15 minutes, but the elevation change is enough to make… View Post

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