Birthday at the Burj

This was such a special time because my family came for a week and a half over my birthday!! Every year, I take photos on my birthday in this blue dress (and have been since I was 3 mo old!) It has seen so many… View Post

Exploring Dubai Resorts

Things are getting serious. Dubai is SO HOT and already very humid – and I was just informed by my coworkers that this isn’t considered ‘bad’ yet according to Dubai summer standards. Might die here. Will keep you updated. List of the photogenic places we… View Post

All the Dubai Hot Spots

First week in Dubai down! Seven more to go… I’m here for the summer doing an internship with an architectural and urban planning company – and what better place to study this topic than in Dubai! On the weekends, my mama and I go out… View Post

Peony Picking at Sunset

No words to describe how beautiful this evening was. And how easy my job was – I just stared gracefully at these gorgeous flowers in perfect 60 degree weather while my mom was doing some sort of heavy-duty-pilates-type lunges and burning her retinas to get… View Post

Hola Canola!

So these gorgeous Canola flowers popped up in our fields behind our house during the last month and I’ve been dying to photograph them! (Normally our fields are either wheat, barley, or lentils, so a color other than muted khaki or earth green? Life-changing!!) Anyway,… View Post

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