My Princeton Graduation Photos!

At long last… my Princeton graduation photos! In March of 2020, I evacuated campus and went home to finish my degree online, in a very tragic end to the greatest four years. Our class had a commencement ceremony online in June of 2020. I attended for the first sixty seconds until I found it too depressing and closed my laptop. (Last year, I flew back to New Jersey to photograph the Class of 2021 graduation.)

Here we are, two years later, Princeton invited the Great Class of 2020 back to campus to celebrate our real, in-person graduation. We had an incredible turnout of 90% of our class! I spent the entire month of May on campus taking a bajillion graduation photos. (30,000 photos, to be exact.)

Then… Princeton Reunions began. Princeton places the largest beer order in the United States after the Indy 500 for the weekend-long event. Around 30,000 alumni visit campus for three days of partying, networking, and drinking. Campus can only be described as a sea of orange and black. I went to sleep at 4am and woke up at 9am to start shooting again. It was also a blistering 95 degrees on Saturday, the day of the P-rade. (A photo of my mother from the parade is now the cover of the July edition of the Princeton Alumni Weekly magazine, and it is possibly the best photo I’ve ever seen.)

By the end of the weekend I was exhausted and quite ready to fly back to my air-conditioned LA apartment and sleep for 48 hours. It was one of the best weeks of my life and I already miss it all so much. Seeing everyone hanging out and partying together again brought me so much joy. Nothing like a traditional Princeton Reunions!

Princeton graduate takes graduation photos in front of Nassau Hall.

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